Dr. Richard Jacoby


Richard P. Jacoby, DPM,is a Scottsdale podiatrist and nationally recognized foot and ankle surgeon.

As Director of the Scottsdale Neuropathy Institute and President of Valley Foot Surgeons, Ltd., he has served the Arizona community for 35 years, bringing relief to patients of all kinds, from treating ailments to the foot and ankle to surgically healing patients with pain of the lower extremity. He is one of 350 worldwide doctors trained in the Dellon Decompression technique, which has eliminated the need of amputations for diabetic patients.


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Dr. Jacoby Saved My Foot

Dr. Jacoby Discusses Neuropathy Testing

Dr. Jacoby Discusses What Test Results Mean

Dr. Jacoby Demonstrates a Neuropathy Examination

Dr. Jacoby Discusses Key Points of Neuropathy

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