A crush injury of the foot can be a challenging healing process because of the nature of the injury.  Imagine high energy force impacting your body at a high rate of speed, such as a motor cycle accident or horse stepping down on the top of your foot.  The treatment process can also be challenging and requires expert care and knowledge so that the soft tissue and bony structures are preserved. An experienced Phoenix podiatrist may be able to preserve considerable tissue and preserve function.

Depending on the severity of the crush injury, symptoms and treatment may vary.  Minor injuries may result in bruising and lacerations that require stitching, but severe crush injuries may result in damage to the skin, tissues, muscles, bones and even nerves.  Car accidents are among the most common causes of crush injuries to the foot.

Treatment Overview for a Crush Foot Injury

Initial treatment of a crush foot injury is to determine the outcome of specific care.  Assessment of the severity of the crush foot injury is necessary to predict the outcome and change of full recovery.  This is true in both minor and severe cases of crush foot.

The assessment allows the physician to note any factors that may complicate treatment and recovery.  These complications may include the following:

  • Tear of the plantar fascia
  • Amputations
  • Multiple fractures
  • Complete or partial avulsion of the soft tissue

Research shows that nearly half of all crush foot injuries retain good functional recovery with solid results.  Due to this sobering number, immediate care of a crush injury is extremely important. Treatment with an experienced foot and ankle specialist in trauma may help considerably.

Common Treatment Steps for Crush Foot Injuries

Once in the hands of medical professionals, careful examination to assess injury is needed.  This assessment will determine nerve and vascular damage.  Pain relief and antibiotics are often administered at this time to help the patient with comfort.  If there is a significant loss of tissue and the wound is open, antibiotics may be administered intravenously.

When there are large open wounds on the foot, amputation or severe destruction of the tissues, microvascular surgery may be required to repair circulation issues.  Crush injuries are taken seriously and the main priority of treatment is to help the patient gain as much mobility as was existent before the injury occurred.

The treatment plan is highly specialized and geared toward patient specific injuries.  Unique treatment plans are what provide the most beneficial outcome for patients who have suffered from a crush injury to the foot. If you have sustained a foot and ankle injury, contact the best Scottsdale podiatrist – Valley Foot Surgeons for help today at 480 994 5977.

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