There are a variety of causes of nerve damage, also known as peripheral neuropathy.  This condition causes a number of symptoms that are related to the root cause of the problem.  Some patients report symptoms of numbness, tingling and even pain in their extremities, and the nerve damage can lead to serious problems if left untreated.

Peripheral neuropathy cannot be cured but does improve if precautions and preventative measures are taken.  Understanding the cause for the Neuropathy treatment Phoenixproblem can help find a treatment plan that is efficient and beneficial to the patient.  Also of benefit is finding out the cause of the condition so that the symptoms can be adequately addressed.

Treatment may consist of medications and therapy, as well as adjustments to lifestyle activities.  Your doctor can help you understand your symptoms and what to do for them in the event that you are diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. 

Causes of Peripheral Neuropathy – Not Always Easy to Define

It can be a challenge to determine the cause of peripheral neuropathy.  Careful assessment and examination are often required.  Some of the most common factors that contribute to peripheral neuropathy may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Alcoholism and excessive drinking – Poor diet choices and too much alcohol in the system can cause symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.
  • Diabetes – One of the more common causes of peripheral neuropathy is diabetes.  Statistics show that at least 50% of those with the disease experience symptoms associated with neuropathy – a number that is staggering and desperately needing to be addressed.
  • Nerve pressure – Pressure on the nerves can result in peripheral neuropathy.  This may be caused by an accident, as in a traumatic motor vehicle accident, that results in pressure on the nerve or a compression type injury.  Also, injuries that require walking aids, such as crutches, may cause damage to the nerves.
  • Other diseases or conditions – Other conditions such as diseases of the liver or kidney may also contribute to the cause of peripheral neuropathy.

Peripheral Neuropathy TreatmentPrevention is the key to eliminating peripheral neuropathy in your life, especially if you have diabetes.  While there is no cure for peripheral neuropathy, it is important to eliminate the symptoms through proper and effective treatment or prevent the condition from developing.  Managing the underlying conditions is the best way to prevent the problem from occurring.  Managing and controlling your blood sugar level is found to be the most effective way to keep neuropathy at bay.

Peripheral neuropathy treatment with an expert is available in Phoenix and Scottsdale. Dr. Richard Jacoby has been  offering both nonoperative and operative treatment for over 20 years. He has performed over 2500 Dellon surgical decompressions and been able to avoid amputations as a result.

For the best treatment in Arizona for peripheral and diabetic neuropathy, call the Scottsdale Neuropathy Institute at (480) 994-5977

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